Who am i 

​My name is Jan Splinter and I have been working in football as a goalkeeper coach for more than 20 years.
I myself played football from a young age, first as a player but soon it turned out that I was not so good at that so I ended up on the goal, there I turned out to be in my place and could do this quite well.

​Already while playing football my interest was aroused to become a goalkeeper coach,  after I stopped I fully focused on coaching goalkeepers.
I started with the amateurs of Fc Lisse and make it to professional football.
After two periods at Ajax, I have now ended up in Saudi Arabia where i am responsible for the whole goalkeeper education part in Mahd Academy.

​It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see goalkeepers get better, here we are really making steps. 
In addition to football, I like to play a game of golf, this a mental and tactical game. 
Ofcourse I always want to win here 

Jan Splinter GoalkeeperWorld

10 years ago I started my own company. 
I have done various projects from there, especially consultancy and goalkeeper training


Goalkeeper.nl was a webshop for goalkeepers with gloves, clothing ect. 
Due to my many absences due to work abroad, I had to decide to stop it.

Mijn C.V

Mahd Academy

2022 - Present

Head of Goalkeeper department Mahd Academy Jeddah

Sharjah Fc

2022 - 2022

For Ajax partner club ,consultant for the goalkeeper coaches education in the youth Academy 


2019 - 2022

For Ajax partner club Head of goalkeeper department Guangzhou R&F 

Almere City Fc

2013 - 2018

Goalkeeper coach for the first team and responsable for the the education of goalkeeper in the Academy

Foletti Goalie Schule

2010 -2012

Goalkeeper coach in Italia for Patrick Foleti, done from my company Jan Splinter GoalkeeperWorld


2010 - 2012

From Jan Splinter GoalkeeperWorld consultant for the goalkeeper education


2005 - 2010

Head of goalkeeping for the academy and the second team

Hfc Haarlem

2005 - 2006

Head of goalkeeping for the academy and the first team


1998 - 2004

Goalkeeper coach for different ages boys as well girls.

Van Nispen

2002 - 2004

Goalkeeper coach for the academy and the first team

Fc Lisse

1998 - 2004

Goalkeeper coach / coordinator for the whole youth academy

Jan Splinter GoalkeeperWorld

2010 - Present

Owner of Jan Splinter GoalkeeperWorld