Goalkeeper coaching

​Much has been written about goalkeeper training and still is. 
Many try to reinvent the wheel and even now in 2022 it is suddenly a goal player why ??, because the goalkeeper has to play football and be part of the team, but he has been doing that for years. 
Goalkeeper training for me still starts to learn the basic skills, catching a ball, diving for the ball, position in the goal and then of course the cross. 
​A goalkeeper is allowed to use his hands, so use different skills than a player.
For me this is still essential, in addition, playing football has also been made very important in the Netherlands. 

His primary task is first to keep the opponent from scoring.

Is​ Is there one way of training, I don't think there lead more roads to Rome.Is the Dutch way the right ?. Or not, I think that every country does it in its own way and that this should remain the case, in the end we all have the same goal" training for a first team "Of course this goes with trial and error, I myself have had the opportunity and still to work in various countries around the world, everyone wants to finally get the same thing. 

Every country has its own things, culture ect, but football is only about one thing and that is winning, from the smallest to the first team. In the Netherlands we often say it is about training and I certainly agree with that, but abroad it is about winning. If you can't convince the club that it's about the long term, then as a Dutch coach you have a problem abroad, in many countries winning is at the top.