Goalkeeper gloves

​For your work you need the best resources to be able to perform
For a goalkeeper this is exactly the same, goalkeeping is your job and so you need the best gloves, clothing and football boots. But what are the best goalkeeper gloves. Goalkeeper gloves that do not wear out, do not exist if they did exist, the supplier would quickly price itself out of the market.

Good foam is a natural product and is naturally white, these wear out of course, certainly when you do not treat them well.
 Goalkeeper gloves are not cheap so choose them consciously. 
Then there are also different models, roll finger, negative seam, hybrid, flat finger, this is all personal, you have to choose what suits you best and has the best fit. 
Manufacturers add a dye to supply the foam in various colors, but unfortunately this is often at the expense of the grip.

Nowadays, a lot of football is played on artificial grass, so that gloves can wear out even faster.Onekeeper has found something for the youth by adding an extra piece to the glove, which reduces wear and tear. In addition, Onekeeper has a fantastic collection of goalkeeper gloves with great grip and for a good price.
​I myself am an ambassador of Onekeeper, gloves that have a perfect fit, grip and a very good price / quality.

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